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Lauris Walton® specializes in a broad spectrum of industries and roles. We pride ourselves on our versatile capability to recruit for positions across various sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, and retail. Our experienced team is adept at understanding unique role requirements and sourcing top-tier talent accordingly.

After you submit your resume, our team of skilled recruiters will review your application. If your skills and experience align with our clients’ requirements, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity further. This may be followed by an interview with the Lauris Walton® team before we present your profile to our client.

Absolutely, at Lauris Walton®, we understand the importance of being well-prepared for interviews. We provide our candidates with comprehensive support including insights into the hiring company, interview tips, and coaching where necessary to help you present your best self to potential employers.

Yes, Lauris Walton® can provide guidance in these areas. While the final decision always rests with you and the employer, we can provide market insights and advice to assist you in your salary negotiation and contract review process.

Partnering with Lauris Walton® is a straightforward process. It begins with a detailed consultation to understand your recruitment needs. We then agree on the terms of our partnership and start the recruitment process, which involves sourcing, screening, and presenting suitable candidates for your consideration.

At Lauris Walton®, we believe that the quality of our candidates is paramount. To ensure this, we have implemented a comprehensive and rigorous selection process. Our approach begins with sourcing candidates from a diverse pool of talent.

Once potential candidates are identified, they undergo a meticulous vetting process. This includes in-depth interviews to assess cultural fit, skills, and experience. Additionally, we conduct thorough background checks, reference checks, and skills assessments.

Our team of experienced recruiters uses their industry knowledge to evaluate each candidate’s suitability for the role. We also leverage advanced technology to help identify the best match between the job requirements and the candidate’s skills, experience, and career goals. By doing so, we ensure that our clients only meet with the most qualified and compatible candidates.

Our commitment to clients and candidates doesn’t end once a candidate has been placed. At Lauris Walton®, we believe in providing ongoing support to ensure the success of the placement.

After a candidate starts their new role, we follow up with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth transition. We are available to address any concerns or issues that may arise, helping facilitate communication between the parties if needed.

In addition, we can provide guidance on best practices for onboarding and integrating new hires into the workplace. We can offer resources, advice, and support to help with the candidate’s assimilation into the team and the organization.

It’s all part of our commitment to building successful, long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.