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Outplacement services

Navigating workforce changes can be a complex, sensitive, and often daunting task. Lauris Walton®’s Outplacement Services are meticulously crafted to support both organizations and employees during these pivotal times of transition. We work closely with companies to fully understand the specifics of the situation and provide highly effective, personalized support for each individual involved.

Comprehensive Support for Transitioning Employees

Our outplacement services extend beyond the typical offerings, providing comprehensive support to help your transitioning employees find new opportunities and ease the impact of layoffs or restructures. We offer a wide range of services, including career counselling, job search assistance, resume writing, and interview preparation. Each service is designed to bolster the skill set of your employees and increase their marketability, aiding a smoother transition.

Qualified Consultants for Personalized Guidance

Our team of highly qualified consultants is committed to ensuring each of your employees receives the support and guidance they require during this challenging period. We work diligently with each individual, facilitating a quick and effective transition into new roles. This personalized approach not only benefits the employees but also serves to uphold your company’s reputation as a caring employer.

Preserving Your Reputation While Nurtifying Employee Growth

At Lauris Walton®, we understand that workforce changes can impact a company’s reputation. Our Outplacement Services are designed to protect and enhance your company’s image, demonstrating your commitment to your employees’ future, even in times of change.

Take the Next Step

Facing a restructuring or downsizing event? Lauris Walton®’s Outplacement Services are here to support your transitioning employees and maintain your reputation as a caring employer. Get in touch with us today and let’s navigate this challenging process together, ensuring a smooth transition for your employees and your organization.